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SenvenStars Holdings Inc


The world has been "flat" for a long time... In some industries  The field of commodity trading is also gradually "flat"


Particularly, the production and processing of food and household appliances is somewhere congested by…


Now SenvenStars Holdings with the mission of contributing to the trend of "flattening" in the trade of "food" as well as goods from Vietnam to other countries and vice versa...


From the advantages of member companies as well as the founders have 30 years of international diplomatic relations


The predecessor is Golden Link, which has a reputation and success in bringing export businesses to the US market, every year over 10 business delegations and takes place over 20 years, so


SenvenStar Holdings JSC and SenvenStars Holdings INC in the US were established to professionalize the above work


We have good working relationships for many years with business owners of retail and wholesale supermarkets in the US, Korean (Asian) markets, …


Our strength is that we have an international market for Vietnam's agricultural, aquatic products and consumer goods


SenvenStars Holdings Inc

Address: 6312 Garden Grove BLV, STE C Westermingster, CA 92683, USA
US: (+1) 929 647-9634
VN (+84) 913 11 33 41

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